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Parent Teacher Interviews


We will be having our parent-teacher conferences during the week of October 16th to October 19th.  These interviews will provide a two-way communication opportunity, which will enable parents and teachers to discuss how your child is doing as a learner.  It is a chance for you as parents to share your insights into your child and, as well, an opportunity for teachers to discuss their observations of your child as a learner. Please come to this conference prepared to share information with your child's teacher that you feel will be useful in helping us work together to support your child's learning.

Also, don't forget, in order to facilitate these conferences, we will be dismissing at the regular dismissal time of 1:37 on Monday, October 16th and at 1:17 pm on the following three days:  Tuesday, October 17th, Wednesday, October 18th, and Thursday, October 19th. Friday, October 20th is a Pro-D day so no school for students.

You should have received a notice from your child on October 3rd or 4th.​




Created at 10/4/2017 7:41 AM by Diane McGonigle
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