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    Rutherford Elementary

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 District News


 Welcome to Rutherford

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Rutherford Student Transition

Please mark your calendar, the dates and times for these sessions are planned as follows:

 Morning sessions 9:30 - 11:30 am at the receiving schools - there will be activities with grade peers as well as time on the playground over the recess break

Frank J. Ney Elementary 

May 30th - Kind., Gr. 1 & 2

Not sure which school you will be going to next year?

The school district has an on-line system called School Locater that will show you the school catchment  for your address. To access the School Locater program click HERE.


Registration for 2018-2019

ONLINE REGISTRATION – Central online registration for the 2018-19 school year begins on Wednesday, January 10, 2018.  Detailed information, including frequently asked questions and the process is available on the district’s website.

To ensure placement at your catchment-area school, registration must be received by June 15, 2018.

Frequently Asked Questions

More information about the registration process

Should you have additional questions, please email

Please note that if your child is already registered in school you do not have to         re-register unless you are applying for a new school or program elsewhere in the district.

Rutherford is scheduled to close at the end of June 2018 and the students here will be automatically registered in their new catchment school for 2018-2019.

Not sure which school you will be going to next year?

The school district has an on-line system called School Locater that will show you the school catchment  for your address. To access the School Locater program click HERE.




 School Plan

Click on the link below to see to Rutherford School Plan for 2017-2018 (opens as PDF). 


 School Mission Statement

We shall provide learning experiences in co-operation with the family and the community. We shall help children develop the skills and attitudes necessary for fulfillment as individuals and as responsible members of society.​

  School Calendar

Click on the image below to go to  the school calendar​
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 Bell Schedule

​Click on the image below to go to the school bell schedule
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  School Handbook

​Click on the image below to​ go to the school handbook

 Rutherford Student Code of Conduct


Rutherford Student Code of Conduct click HERE.

 Student Safety

At Rutherford safety is our PRIORITY
 We take safety seriously at Rutherford and as part of our program we offer safety education, conduct regular safety drills plus we maintain First Aid and emergency safety supplies. For more information and for some great safety resources click HERE to visit our school "safety page"


 ERASE Bullying

Bullying isn’t just a child’s issue; it’s a school and community issue, and must be addressed with a school and community solution.

Everyone should be safe from bullying. Don't let them control you and keep you down. Help ERASE bullying starting now. ERASE is a private and anonymous online reporting tool for targets of bullying or those that witness it taking place. Some secrets aren't worth keeping. For more information or to report an incident click the icon above.​

Services available for youth in Nanaimo

There are many supports and services available for youth in Nanaimo. Below are the emergency numbers. For a complete list of all the various services and contact numbers click HERE.



 Getting to Schools

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 School Webpage Links

​​Looking for information about our neighbouring schools?  Click on the icons below to go to their webpages:

 Hot Lunch


 School News

Click on the ICON (or click HERE)​​​ to see past editions of the Rutherford news bulletin.

 Student Learning Links


 Rutherford Virtues Education

At Rutherford we use The Virtues Project as one of our resources to encourage pro-social and positive behaviour in the school. Each month we emphasize a new virtue through a presentation at our monthly assembly. To learn about the Virtues Project and to see our monthly presentations click HERE.

 Stormy Weather


 Is the school open today?

With the winter season coming there is a chance of stormy weather that could effect school and school bus activities. Click HERE​ for information about school closures due to stormy weather conditions.


 Stay Connected with the NLPS App

Click on the icon above to get information about the NLPS App available in Apple and Android.


 Fruit and Veggie Program


utherford is part of the school fruit and veggie program as well as the milk program. Click HERE​ for more information about the program at Rutherford. 

 Student Health

It is that time of year again when our little ones are starting to come down with sore throats and upset tummies. Please click HERE for information about student health and for advice to help you decide if your child is well enough to send to school.


 Hands-on Learning


​Check out our latest hands-on learning project for intermediate students:
Click HERE​ to learn more about project-based learning.

 Rutherford School StrongStart

For more information about the program and the hours of operation please click on the image below