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The School Fruit and Vegetable Nutritional Program is provided to students at Rutherford free of charge and is provided to us by the BC Agriculture in the Classroom Foundation. For more information about the foundation and the program click HERE.

Rutherford Fruit and Veggie delivery dates:

For grades K to 7 – Fruit and Veggie deliveries:

Sep 21st                  Strawberries (Late Harvest)

Oct 3rd                    Apples, Royal Gala         

Oct 24th                  Carrots, baby (12x2LB/cs)            

Nov 7th                   Pears, Bosc                

Nov 28th                Apples, Mixed Organic   

Dec 12th                Oranges, Mandarin (bulk)            

Jan 30th Kiwifruit (BC)

Apr 17th Tomatoes, Grape (2 lb)

May 1st Cucumbers, Mini

May 15th Tomatoes, Heirloom Mix

Jun 5th Peppers, Mini


For grades K to 5 – BC Milk (and Soy alternative):

Sep 21st Milk

Sep 21st Soy, Fortified Beverage

Oct 3rd Milk

Oct 24th Milk

Nov 7th Milk

Nov 28th Milk

Dec 12th Milk

Jan 30th Milk

Jan 30th Soy, Fortified Beverage

Apr 17th Milk

May 1st Milk

May 15th Milk

Jun 5th Milk